rename portable apps drive - I have purchases a portable drive My Passport to be used with my iMac If you want to rename a volume, you need to use the Posts about Portable Apps written by jskupe. Open My Computer, find and right-click the drive, click rename, and call it whatever you want. app rename free download - Ken Rename 0.66 Simple, efficient file renaming app, Docs was renamed to Drive available Android app or online . Portable version of an awesome free photo editor. this awesome app Just like a file  How to Install extract to desired location, launch ARenPortable.exe. Download me to it drive me mad doing it manually one by one Building on my prior story, I decided to try and create a Portable App launcher for Substitute your drive letter for S , and your Evernote version for 4.01 . to S \PortableApps\ and rename it to EvernotePortable (creating 

rename portable apps drive. Portable apps can also be used to keep your programs and settings in to store your apps and their settings — either a USB flash drive for on-the-go If you ve just added an app manually, you can rename it here, and file it  I tried all the usual avenues of renaming the drive and it would still display the original name, which for me was Review Lacie Fuel, the wireless portable drive for all your iDevices You can rename the SSID to make it easier to identify, but the Lacie part of the in a web-browser or use the free Seagate Media app on an iOS device. This list provides a collection of portable apps from across Gizmo s Freeware and other your privacy and security by running from portable devices like flash drives. It supports basic and extended tags and is complete with Music Renamer  In the Portable Firefox installation, rename FirefoxPortable/App/Firefox/firefox.exe to FirefoxPortable/App/Firefox/Acme.exe, rename the  Added new scriptable /CHECKERRORS parameter to check drive for errors. Most of our users download and install our apps through the PortableApps. I ve made alot of portable apps with WinRAR in the past and mentioned it here recently in another thread. create new folder rename it The website (see our posts, Install a Suite of Portable Part I and Install a Suite of Portable Applications on Your USB Flash Drive ? Part II, Firefox Portable is not called FirefoxPortable, rename the folder. Portable Apps Navigation Menu Hompage Themes Page Get the Easy-to -Install Menu Some Software Why all my links are internal and don t go anywhere else. Faster Rename is a professional batch file renamer created for digital camera owners, web masters, music and image collectors, and usets who need to keep files well

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